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FISTS Down Under - CodeMate

If you are an experienced Morse Code Operator and would like to be included in the volunteer contact list, here is your opportunity to lend a hand and share your experience with other who might need your assistance.

Operators who are looking for assistance with their CW or just someone to have a QSO with, can contact a Code Mate from the Volunteer List by sending them an email to get things started.

Volunteers are requested to provide the following information:

  1. Your first name,
  2. Callsign,
  3. Location,
  4. State,
  5. Email address,
  6. Which bands you can operate on,
  7. When you are available (e.g. during the day, evening or weekend),
  8. Any brief operating comments (e.g. preferred day, time, or CW speed), and
  9. Please provide your permission for us to publish your details on this web page and in the FDU newsletter.

A list of volunteers will be posted on the FISTS Down Under website.

You can provide your details via the club website at:

FISTS CodeMate

Alternatively please provide your details to:

Garry VK2GAZ
Email:  fducodemate@gmail.com

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