FISTS Down Under - Contests

Contests can be a wonderful way to meet members of the FISTS Down Under Inc. club and also make new contacts with other Amateur Operators who you may not have met before.

With that in mind, FISTS Down Under Inc. will be running contests throughout the year to promote CW operation, and will be open to all Amateur Radio Operators in which to participate.

Each contest may be a little different in operation however, the overriding objective is to have fun and promote CW operation.

FISTS Down Under Inc. - Let's Make a Difference Contest
Saturday, 26 August, 2017 / 1000 - 1159UTC

A summary of the rules for the above contest may be viewed HERE.

A sample Summary Sheet and Log can be downloaded HERE.

These will be the prizes awarded to the first and second highest scoring FISTS Members.




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