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FDU Nightmare Alpha-Numeric Award 

Start date for this award is January 1, 2018. All contacts claimed for this award must be made on or after the starting date.

This award will be a lot of fun as well as a challenge. The original award (Nightmare Alpha-Numeric Award) was created by Jack Bock, K7ZR #2656 (Silent Key). I must also acknowledge Ian ZL2AIM #9683 for his inspiration.

There is NO TIME LIMIT to complete this award.

1) Contacts must be 2-way CW on-air contacts made on or after 1st January, 2018.
2) Contacts can be made at any time, any place at any speed.
3) Contacts can be made on all bands.
4) This award is open to all licenced Amateur Radio Operators, FISTS members and Non-FISTS members.
5) Operators must stay within their licence conditions.

The object is to work stations whose call signs fit into the squares on a grid. There are 36 squares (6 letters and 6 numerals) 'Counters' are the last numeral of the call sign and the first letter of the suffix. For example, VK2FDU goes in the 2 column on the F row. ZL1AAR goes in the 1 column on the A row. By convention, use the numeral of a portable designator if there is one – VK5FMAZ /P3 would go in the 3 column on the F row.



Also put the date (month/day) in the square with the call sign for reference.

A sample Excel file of the Nightmare Grid Log sheet is available HERE


Please forward all logs to:

Email Subject must read:  (your call) FDU Nightmare Award
For example: “VK2FDU FDU Nightmare Award”


A certificate will be issued to all operators who complete the “FDU Nightmare Award” and submit their log.

Copy of sample Certificate:


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