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FISTS Down Under - SOTA

SOTA (Summits On The Air)

Summits on the Air is a programme that encourages radio amateurs who enjoy hill walking and the great outdoors to take their Amateur Radio gear with them and operate from the mountain tops.

An award scheme recognizes those who activate the summits and also those who make QSOs with the activators. The program can be operated anywhere in the world.

There is an ever increasing band of SOTA operators who are making QRP CW activations here in VK and encouraging SOTA chasers to improve their CW skills.

If you would like to become involved in this very popular Amateur Radio Operator activity, here are a few websites which may help you along the way.

SOTA in the UK - the home of SOTA

SOTAwatch2 - the one stop shop for VK SOTA activities

VK1AD - the best and foremost site for SOTA activity in Australia 

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