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Ian ZL2AIM is stepping down as Editor

On behalf of the Committee and every member of FISTS Down Under I wish to extend a very sincere thank you to Ian for his outstanding work as editor of the FISTS Down Under Newsletter. Ian took over as Editor in February, 2016. He first joined FISTS Down Under on 1st January, 2008 and has been a steady contributor to the club newsletter for many years. You will be a hard act to follow Ian! I trust you will continue to patrol the air waves and we can catch up over the radio! Again – many thanks from us all..

The new Editor of the Newsletter is Bill VK1FWBK, you can read all about Bill in the May 2017 issue of the Newsletter is a podcast celebrating morse code, the CW operating mode and amateur radio. The show is hosted by Bruce Pea, N9WKE, and features conversations with interesting CW operators, offers useful CW operating tips, and encourages amateur radio operators at all levels to get on the air, have fun and enjoy operating CW!


With the view of giving back to FISTS Down Under Inc. members, membership has been taken out with the American Radio Relay League.

The ARRL has kindley given FDU permission to publish this article from their widely acclaimed publication QST. Permission will be sort to pulish further articales in the future.

Go to the ARRL - QST page to read the article.

W1AW Code Practice MP3 Files

Want to better your CW copying ability, listed here are W1AW code practice transmissions for the dates and speeds indicated. The files are in MP3 format, playable using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or your favorite MP3 player.

(posted 14 Feb 2017)


The 'Out & About in VK5' newsletter is released at the end of each month by Paul VK5PAS.  It focusses on activity around the SOTA program, the VK5 Parks Award, WWFF, QRP, general portable, & pedestrian mobile.

Have a look for the link in the Newsletter Page.

(posted 12 Feb 2017)

VK2FDU/7 - Operator Steve VK7CW #14164

The club call has been on the air again, thanks to Steve VK7CW. From the 01 - 07 Feb 2017 Steve made 37 contacts and in Steve's word's "Had great fun using the club callsign, however it would have been nice to work a lot more of the VK/ZL FISTS members."

Have a look at Steve's log here.

Why don't you have the pleasure of operating, using the club's call VK2FDU/P, just contact Garry VK2GAZ.

(posted 08 Feb 2017)

North American QRP CW Club

Here is the February 2017 edition of NAQCC newsletter.

Highlights in this issue include…

- Important club news in Key Clicks.
- Fun with Funmitters.
- Report from BarbeQRPcon.
- Does Anyone Hear Me?
- Member Spotlight = KD9VT.
- Complete Awards, Sprint, and Challenge  and Net Reports.
- Ham Quips.
- Local Chapter Reports, Member Submissions, and more.

(posted 05 Feb 2017)


This book is not only written for the benefit of amateur radio operators who want to learn this beautiful art, but it also meets the urgent need felt by the author to narrate his own path of development that has radically transformed him and the many friends with whom he shared the pleasure of such a long learning process and the immense joy of the discovery, both from the technical and from the human point of
Carlo Consoli, IK0YGJ

Please feel free to download this pdf file and read it at your leasure.

(posted 28 Jan 2017)

A Conversation with Ellen White W1YL

Here is an interview by Rosalie White K1STO with Ellen White W1YL (no relation) an ARRL Head Quarter's staffer for 26 years.

(posted 28 Jan 2017)

VK2FDU Schedule 2017

The VK2FDU schedule for 2017 is ready, select the period of time you would like to operate the Club Callsign.
Contact Garry VK2GAZ so your name can be added to the schedule.

(posted 15 Dec 2016)

New Look Website

If you are reading this then you will know the FISTS Down Under Inc. club have launched a new look website.
The biggest reason for the move was ongoing problems with our previous hosting provider, these have all been put behind us now.

The new URL for this website is, please update your bookmarks and let all your friends know our new location.

(posted 19 Nov 2016)

Club Callsign VK2FDU

The Fists Down Under Inc. club callsign has again been well promoted by Brian VK2EBN making 38 contacts over the period 21 - 27 August, 2016.

Have a look the current VK2FDU Log for 2016.

(posted 28 Aug 2016)


Dear all


Doc/VK5BUG FISTS 14136 will activate Fists Down Under club callsign VK2FDU/5 on 630m (472.5kHz) and 160m (1808kHz) QRP manual CW  @ Grey Line times during the period 28 August to 10 September 2016 inclusive.


Reception reports via &on-air QSOs will both be most welcome.


Tnx & 73 de Doc/VK5BUG QTHR

On behalf of The International Morse Code Preservation Society (VK-ZL Chapter)


Please spread the word!!

(posted 26 Aug 2016)


FISTS BrassPounder

The FISTS BrassPounder August 2016 newsletter has just been published.

BrassPounder provides the results and comments for FISTS CW Club on-air Activities in Europe/UK. This edition includes details of the FISTS July 2016 Ladder and QRS Fifth Sundays 2016 activities.

Congratulation to Steve VK7CW for heading the FISTS Down Under Inc. DXCC League with 583 slots.

(posted 25 Aug 16)



Have YOU worked ZL6FF? Contact Nigel Hardy ZL2TX #9060 at should you wish to add this FDU card to your collection.


( posted 22 Aug 2016)


FISTS Down Under Club Call Certificates

Operator Certificate:

Here is an example of the Operator Certificate which will be issue to you for operating VK2FDU.

See operating conditions.



 (posted 03 Aug 16)



FISTS Down Under Code Mate

If you are an experienced Morse Code Operator and would like to be included in the volunteer contact list, here is your opportunity to lend a hand.

Operators who are looking for assistance with their CW or just someone to have a QSO with, can contact a Code Mate from the volunteer list by sending them an email to get things started.

Volunteers are requested to provide the following information:

  1. Your first name,
  2. Callsign,
  3. Location,
  4. State,
  5. Email address,
  6. Which bands you can operate on,
  7. When you are available (e.g. during the day, evening or weekend),
  8. Any brief operating comments (e.g. preferred day, time, or CW speed), and
  9. Please provide your permission for us to publish your details on this web page and in the FDU newsletter.

A list of volunteers will be posted on the FISTS Down Under website.

You can provide your details via the club website at:

FISTS CodeMate

Alternatively please provide your details to:

Garry VK2GAZ

 (posted 20 Jul 16)


FISTS Down Under Club Call Certificate

An Operator Certificate will be awarded to each member who operates the club call VK2FDU

Link to conditions and view sample certificate

 (posted 17 Jul 16)


FISTS Down Under on FaceBook

FISTS Down Under is now on FaceBook, please Join and contribute to your knowledge to those who want to know more about the wonderful world of Morse Code.

(posted 07 Jun 16)




With the increased activity of the club's callsign VK2FDU and the club now sending out QSL cards for every contact we are pleased to see members responding by sending their QSL cards confirming the contact.

There in now a new page on the website VK2FDU QSL Cards where you can view the QSL cards received.

Is your QSL card there?

(posted 06 Jun 16)


VK2FDU Schedule 2016

Please click here to view the latest VK2FDU Schedule for 2016


Ralph ZL2AOH (#1073) Life Member


It was with great pleasure on behalf of the team at Fists Down Under that we bestowed upon Ralph ZL2AOH (#1073) the position of Life Member . It was his vision in June of 1998 that he made the decision to form a Fists Club for the folk who live “Down Under.”

It was with great pleasure on behalf of the team at Fists Down Under that we bestowed upon Ralph ZL2AOH (#1073) the position of Life Member . It was his vision in June of 1998 that he made the decision to form a Fists Club for the folk who live “Down Under.”

On receiving his certificate Ralph commented “I'm gobsmacked. I never considered what I did was for anything else than for my own pleasure. Seeing FDU grow and creating dozens of new friends was reward enough.”




(posted 21 Mar 16)

To All FISTS Chapters . . .

Karl Zuege KB1DSB, Americas Chapter President, has decided to retire from his duties as of Aug 1, 2015.  The Americas Chapter Board of Directors express our thanks to him for all the hard work he has done for the chapter over the last year and a half and wish him good health and good DX in his retirement.

As of Aug 1st 2015, Dennis Franklin K6DF will be "Acting" Americas Chapter President.  In the months ahead, the Board will search for a permanent replacement for President, continue to expand the membership, and work to increase participation on the CW bands.

All changes to the FISTS Americas Chapter all volunteer team can be found on the Americas website page:

73, Dennis K6DF
FISTS CW Club (posted 02 Aug 15)


Monthly Report

Ralph ZL2AOH has been sending me this report however, for some reason I have not been including it in the Membership page on the website. Well this will now change and it is and will be included in the future.  (posted 01 Jul 2015)

Club Nets

The SSB Net which was conducted on Thursday nights along with the QRS Slow Morse Code Net which operated on Wednesday nights will be discontinued due to fading interest.  (posted 25 Jun 15)


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