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FISTS Down Under - Latest Updates

Here are new and interesting item, updates and others topics which may be of interest to you.

FDU Nightmare Alpha-Numeric Award

This award was instigated on the 01st January, 2018 and because of the difficulty factor the thinking was it would take some considerable time for the award to be successfully completed.

That thinking did not take into account the great ability of some very determined Amateur Radio operators.

The award was successfully completed by STEVE SALVIA VK7CW #14164 on the 06th March, 2018.

The is another FISTS member who is also very close to completing the award.

Congratulations STEVE VK7CW on your great accomplishment.


ZL Administration 
As previously advised, Nigel Hardy ZL2TX #9040  has stepped down from the position of FDU  ZL Administration. On behalf of all members of FISTS Down Under I wish to express our appreciation to Nigel.  The position has been very difficult to fill, but I am delighted to announce that David Allen ZL4LDY #14195 has volunteered for the  position of ZL Administration . Thank you Dave! Your story is special – and I will allow you to tell it.
ZL Administration FISTS Down Under
“I've been a life long CW user. In fact, I decided to get my ham license in order to have a use for the code skill I earlier acquired.
That license has continued to inspire me to find other ways to communicate.
Worked for a few years for different radio reading services in the States before immigrating to New Zealand in 2002.  Since 2013, I've been running a business called Blind-Sight with my partner, Paula Waby.
I am currently serving as the Southern Regional Councellor in NZART, and enjoy rag chews and the occasional contesting, primarily using the CW mode.”

Dave Alen ZL4LDY #14195

(posted 28 Feb 2018)

Keys For Sale

These two keys are up for sale ...  $100.00 each. Contact Doc VK5BUG #14136 for full details.

Email: d.wd@bigpond.com

(posted 16 Dec 2017)


FDU Nightmare Alpha-Numerica Award

The is a new award which will be available from 1st January, 2018.

The original award (Nightmare Alpha-Numeric Award) was created by Jack Bock, K7ZR #2656 (Silent Key). I must also acknowledge Ian ZL2AIM #9683 for his inspiration.

For full details of this new award please click HERE.

(posted 15 Dec 2017)

FISTS Down Under Inc. - Letter Chase

Each month we will be offering a “Letter Chase” for members to try to complete. Non-members and short wave listeners are welcome to participate in the “Letter Chase” as well. Besides providing a fun activity to participate in, it is our goal to use the “Letter Chase” as a way to promote CW and QRP activity across the ham bands.

What is it?

Each month will have a different set of words to make up the “Letter Chase”. These will be advised in the Club newsletter, on the FISTS Down Under Inc. Face Book page and also on the Clubs’ website.
eg.       MORSE
The goal of the “Letter Chase” is to spell out a specified list of words using the letters (and sometimes numbers) that are in the callsigns of the stations that you work.
For example:


Get all the details of the Letter Chase - HERE

(posted 13 Dec 2017)

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