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FISTS Down Under - VK2FDU Log


To view the VK2FDU Log please click on the year below.

Log for 2018, pdf (as at 16 Feb 2018)

Log for 2017, pdf (as at 19 Dec 17)

Log for 2016, pdf (as at 29 Dec 16)

Log for 2915 (no logs for 2015)

Log for 2014, pdf

Log for 2013, pdf

Log for 2012 , pdf

Log for 2011 (no logs for 2011)

Log for 2010, pdf

Log for 2009, pdf

Log for 2008, pdf

Log for 2007, pdf

Log for 2006, pdf

Log for 2005, pdf

Log for 2004, pdf

Log for 2003, pdf


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