FISTS Down Under CodeMate Volunteer List

This is a list of volunteers who are willing to make themselves available to assist others with their Morse Code.

If you are looking for a club member to give you a helping hand with your CW, contact one of the members below and arrange a QSO.

Name Callsign Location State email Bands Availability
VK2CCW Halekulani 
NSW 80 & 40
Most evenings
VK2GAZ Richmond
80 & 40
Most evenings
Derek VK3KX Vermont South VIC 80,40,30,20,6 & 2M

Preferably after

David VK2JDR Woronora Heights NSW 80,40,30,20,15,6,2M Most evenings, occasional weekends
Steve VK7CW Yolla TAS 160m thru to 6 m Most evenings



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